Message from the Governor


We at the Provincial Government of Ilocos Norte (PGIN), have set our sights on transforming Ilocos Norte into one major investment hub in the country. Aside from being the Renewable Energy Capital of South East Asia, we take pride in our distinct agricultural produce, rich natural resources, and most especially in our skilled workforce.

我们北伊罗戈省政府 (PGIN),已着眼于将北伊罗戈变成国内主要的投资中心之一。除了成为“东南亚可再生能源之都”之外,我们还为我们独特的农产品、丰富的自然资源,尤其是我们熟练的劳动力感到自豪。

As we aim for economic growth, we carry out a purpose that is beneficial to both Ilokano community and our stakeholders. We strive to generate gainful employment and boost the local economy to realize oru vision of creating a brighter future for all - Narimat nga arapaap, intay amin maragpat! (A brighter future, we can all achieve)

我们正以经济增长为目标,我们执行的目标对伊洛卡诺社区和我们的利益相关者都有利。 我们努力创造有报酬的就业机会并促进当地经济,来实现我们为所有人 创造更光明的未来( 更美好的未来,我们都能实现!)

we fully commit to welcome and support you and your business here in Ilocos Norte. We look forward to working with you towards a mutually beneficial future.

我们完全承诺欢迎和支持您和您在北伊罗戈的事业。 我们期待与您合作,共创互利的未来。

See you soon in Ilocos Norte!


Matthew J. Marcos Manotoc




Ilocos Norte Trade and Investment Promotions Center and Services


Pursuant to its duties and functions, the Ilocos Norte Investment Promotions Center (INvest) shall provide the following services, among others:


  • Provide information on investment opportunities, business procedures, permit requirements, government regulations and other data required by the investors;
  • 提供投资者所需的投资机会、业务程序、许可要求、政府法规和其他数据的信息;
  • Assist investors in completing the requirements of the government regulatory agencies;
  • 协助投资者完成政府监管机构的要求;
  • Make referrals to relevant government bodies, support organizations, service providers and important contacts;
  • 向相关政府机构、支持组织、服务提供商和重要联系人转介;
  • Organize appointments, itineraries, and site visits including facilities arrangement for logistical support;
  • 组织约会、行程和实地考察,包括后勤支持的设施安排;
  • Give updates regarding major infrastructure projects in the province, both existing and planned, as well as other programs and developments that will impact the business environment; and
  • 提供有关该省现有和计划中的重大基础设施项目的最新信息,以及将影响商业环境的其他计划和发展;和
  • Undertake an active advocacy campaign to push infrastructure programs and policy reforms to enhance the investment climate of Ilocos Norte.
  • 开展积极的宣传活动,推动基础设施计划和政策改革,以改善北伊罗戈斯的投资环境。

iCARE Desk

iCARE 平台

Investor's Centralized Application and Requirement Evaluation Desk

投资者集中申请及需求评估 (iCare) 平台

The iCARE Desk, under the INvest Office, is a one-stop business shop focused on investment promotions and quality investment servicing. It provides support during pre-investment activities such as coordination with technical teams, site visits,a s well as support in the registration of investors, acquisition of permits, and corresponding licenses.

INvest团队下属的iCare 平台是一个专注于投资推广和优质投资服务的一站式商业商店。iCare平台在投资前办事期间提供协助,例如:与技术团队协调、实地考察,以及在投资者登记、获得许可证和相应许可证方面的支持。

The iCARE Desk makes setting up a business in Ilocos Norte easy.

iCARE 平台使北伊罗戈开展业务变得容易。

With diverse resources, competent human capital and a proactive government, Ilocos Norte emerges as a new destination for INvestment in the North.


INspired by growth, sustainability, and INclusive development, the Province offers strong opportunities for various INnovative businesses.


Here in Ilocos Norte, we INnovate and INspire


Get in touch with us


Ilocos Norte Trade and Investment Promotions Center


Ilocos Norte Provincial Capitol Rizal St., Laoag City, Philippines 2900

Ilocos Norte Provincial Capitol Rizal St., Laoag City, Philippines 2900

+63(77) 772-1212 loc 112

63(77) 772-1212 本地 112

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