Responsible Mining and Quarry


Ilocos Norte showcases a diverse range of mineral potential throughout its 3,622.91 km2 hectares total land area. It is covered by 10.7% of mining tenements according to the Mines and Geosciences Bureau Regional Office 1 (MGB RO1) - Mineral Profile 2022.

北伊罗戈斯在总土地面积中,有3,622.91公里2中富有各种矿产潜力。根据矿业和地球科学局区域办事处提供的数据(MGB RO1) - 矿物概况 2022,仅有当前矿物开采量仅占总体的10.70% 。

The province partners with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources - Mines and Geosciences Bureau Regional Office 1 to promote the rational exploration, development, utilization, and conservation of mineral resources guided by the commitment to responsible minerals development.

北伊罗戈省与环境和自然资源部-矿业和地球科学局第1区域办事处 (MGB RO1) 合作,鼓励负责任的矿产开发促进矿产资源的合理勘探、开发、利用和保护。

The Province has passed a Comprehensive Quarry Ordinance to create and protect a sustainable and responsible mining industry.


Ilocos Norte's major river systems are good sources of excellent quantity and quality of sand and gravel used not only for local construction and masonry but also for export.

Ilocos Norte 的主要河流系统是数量和质量极佳的沙子和砾石的良好来源,这些沙子和砾石不仅用于当地建筑和砖石工程,还用于出口。

Why INvest?


The province dedicates to satisfy investment considerations through a competitive investment Climate. Abundant metallic and non-metallic mineral resources are yet to be developed.


Adequate INvest Considerations:


  • Quality of mineral reserves and resources
  • 矿产储量和资源质量
  • Political Stability of the province
  • 该省的政治稳定
  • Availability of good infrastructure and utility resources
  • 良好的基础设施和公用事业资源的可用性
  • Availability of skilled labor
  • 熟练劳动力的可用性
  • Clarity of regulatory and financial obligations
  • 监管和财务义务的明确性
  • Security of mining concessions
  • 采矿特许权的安全
  • Legislations and ability of repatriate profits
  • 汇回利润的立法和能力
  • Accessibility to an Investor Assistance Program
  • 投资者援助计划的可及性



Promote world class sustainable development through advancement of mineral-based investments in the province.


Investor Assistance Program


The program showcases an avenue to specially assist prospective mineral-based investors to streamline their investment process. The program consists of the following free services:


Investor's Pre-investment Assistance


  • Assistance on IN border entry and LGU acceptance.
  • 协助 IN 边境入境和 LGU 验收。
  • Assistance on Ocular Site Visits.
  • 眼科现场访问协助。
  • Technical assistance on Mining Rights Application.
  • 采矿权申请技术援助。
  • Assistance on LGU and private stakeholders coordination.
  • 协助 LGU 和私人利益相关者协调。
  • Assistance to acquire land, port, power and water requirement data.
  • 协助获取土地、港口、电力和水资源需求数据。
  • Others
  • 其他的

Investor’s Permitting and Expansion Assistance


  • Assistance on Information Education Campaigns, Public Scoping and other modes of Public participation engagements.
  • 协助信息教育活动、公众范围界定和其他公众参与模式。
  • Assistance on PLGU and LGU inter-department coordination.
  • 协助 PLGU 和 LGU 部门间协调。
  • Assistance on endorsement acquisition.
  • 协助获取背书。
  • Assistance on DENR and other agency coordination.
  • 协助 DENR 和其他机构协调。

Indicated Mineral Resources are:


  • Mettalic: Gold, Copper, Iron, Manganese
  • 金属:金、铜、铁和磁铁矿砂
  • Non Mettalic: Sand and Gravel (S&G), Shale, Feldspar, Limestone & Silica
  • 非金属:沙子和砾石 (S&G)、页岩、长石、石灰石和二氧化硅

Potential Investments:


  • Mineral Deposits Explorations
  • 矿床勘探
  • River Dredging and Quarrying
  • 河道疏浚和采石
  • Metal Ore Mining
  • 金属矿开采
  • Mining Support Activities, Mine draining, pumping, processing.
  • 采矿支持活动,矿山排水,抽水,加工。

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